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Basic Skills CB 21 Rubric

Materials for coding and aligning Basic Skills sequential cources.

This website archives the curricular work done by hundreds of California Community College faculty in the basic skills disciplines of reading, writing, math and ESL. Faculty experts defined the outcomes and levels of curricular work through the basic skills pathways leading to transfer level English or math. The credit rubrics, adopted by all 110 colleges in spring 2009, provide a matrix for comparing courses across the system and reporting student progress through basic skills. The rubrics are not comprehensive standards nor grading rubrics, but rather outcomes that should be evident at each level described that have been universally defined by community college experts based upon research and nation-wide scans. The noncredit rubrics are defined so as to align with credit outcomes at each level, even though some noncredit courses do not address levels one or two below transfer. Noncredit rubrics and outcomes will be revisited in spring 2010 . This work will benefit our entire system for mandated reporting, our individual institutions as we examine interventions for improving student progress, and our students as they have clearly defined expectations for success to reach college level skills.

Link to the survey for ESL Integrated and ABE/ASE rubric vetting:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RGLFYQF

 ABE/ASE Noncredit Integrated Course Rubric

 NONCREDIT and CREDIT Integrated ESL Rubric


 Data Element Dictionary - CB21 Course-Prior-to-Transfer-Level (Word)

 Data Element Dictionary - CB22 Course-Noncredit-Category (Word)

 Summary of T.O.P. Code Changes - September, 2009 (Word)

 FINAL - Coding the Students Progress Pathway through Basic Skills English, ESL, Mathematics and Reading Courses in California Community Colleges (Word)

CB21 General FAQs (Word)

 CB21 English FAQs (Word)

 CB21 ESL FAQs (Word)

 CB21 Math FAQs (Word)

 CB21 Reading FAQs (Word)

 Data Element Dictionary (Word)

 CB21 - TOP Code Changes (PDF)

 Guidelines / Philosophy for the Use of the CB21 Rubrics (Word)

 Basic Skills Course Coding Explanation (Word)

  Describing Course Prior to Transfer Course Level (Powerpoint)

 CB 21 Credit Process and Timeline (Word)

 Math Rubric - Credit - FINAL (Word)

 Non-Credit - ABE/ASE Math Rubric - FINAL (Word)

 Reading Rubric - Credit - FINAL (Word)

 Non-Credit - ABE/ASE Reading Rubric - FINAL (Word)

 English Rubric - Credit - FINAL  (Word)

 Non-Credit - ABE/ASE English Rubric - FINAL (Word)

 ESL - Listening/Speaking Rubric (Word)

 ESL - Reading Rubric (Word)

 ESL - Writing Rubric (Word)

 Archive of December 3, 2009 Webinar at CCCconfer   (Website)

   Basic Skills Curriculum CB 21 Coding Webinar (Powerpoint)


Background Information

 Basic Skills Accountability Report for Community Colleges (ARCC) Data  (Word, 77KB)


For All Faculty

  ICAS (Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates (CCC, CSU, UC) Statement of Competencies (Word, 54KB)

  SCANS Skills  (Word 40KB)



 ICAS Math Competencies  (Word 418KB)

 AMATYC Math Standards for two-year colleges   (Website)

 Crossroads Excerpt  (Word 34KB)

 AMATYC Beyond Crossroads (Website)

Common Core Math Standards (Website)

 Transition Math Standards Washington State  (Word 2.17MB)

 Algebra Topics by CMC3  (Word 134KB)

 Math - MIS Coding (PDF, 255KB)



 ICAS Academic Literacy Reading Competencies  (Word 506KB)

 Miami Dade College Reading Levels 1-6  (Word 31KB)

 Delaware Community College Reading Competencies (Website)

 Reading Rubric  (Word 402KB)

 California Language Arts Content Standards (CDE - California Department of Education) (Word 800KB)


Writing and English

Common Core English Language Standards(Website)

 IMPAC English 1A (Word)

 California Language Arts Content Standards (CDE - California Department of Education)  (PDF .8 MB)

 Sample Writing Rubric Maricopa (Word 39KB)

  Writing Rubric SFSU  (Word 388KB)

  Writing Rubric - DVC  (Word 39KB)

  San Diego Mesa Writing and English Skills  (Word 45KB)

  Los Medanos SLOs and Assessment  (Word 76KB)

  Some assumptions made in English and Reading at Chabot College  (Word 22KB)



  Catesol Rubrics  (Word 195KB)

  California Pathways - Entire Catesol Paper (Word 0.81MB)

 Delaware Community College Reading Competencies (Website)

  English Language Development Standards - California Department of Education  (Work 0.81MB)

  ESL Rubric - DVC  (Word 38KB)

 ESL - Model Standards for Adult Programs (PDF)

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