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The Title 5 information:

You can review the actual Title V language by clicking here (you then need to enter Title 5 and section #55063; you have to click on the number 1 at the beginning of the title to get to the actual language of the regulation). The section of primary relevance to English & math graduation requirements reads: "Effective for all students admitted to a community college for the Fall 2009 term or any term thereafter, competence in mathematics shall be demonstrated by obtaining a satisfactory grade in a mathematics course at the level of the course typically known as intermediate algebra (either intermediate algebra or another mathematics course at the same level, with the same rigor and with elementary algebra as a prerequisite, approved locally) or by completing an assessment conducted pursuant to subchapter 6 of this chapter (commencing with section 55500) and achieving a score determined to be comparable to satisfactory completion of the specified mathematics course. Satisfactory completion of a mathematics course at the level of intermediate algebra shall satisfy both this competency requirement and the coursework requirement set forth in subdivision (b)(1)(D)(ii) of this section.

The competency requirements for written expression and mathematics may also be met by obtaining a satisfactory grade in courses in English and mathematics taught in or on behalf of other departments and which, as determined by the local governing board, require entrance skills at a level equivalent to those necessary for English 1A and intermediate algebra respectively. Requirements for demonstrating competency in reading shall be locally determined."

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