Noncredit Progress Indicators Taskforce

Final Recommendations:

  1. All noncredit areas should implement progress indicators to report student progress and success and the appropriate Title 5 sections should be changed to this as indicated in the linked document.
  2. These indicators include A,B,C, D, F, P, SP and NP. (these indicators are described in detail in the linked document.
  3. Noncredit should be reported in the ARCC report using these indicators and the metrics described in the linked document.
  4. These conclusions were supported by all 112 colleges by the Spring 2012 plenary resolutions that can be found on the ASCCC website

This research project was developed subsequent to Academic Senate basic skills and noncredit committee work concerning communication of the essential role of noncredit in meeting basic skills needs for our most diverse and socioeconomically challenged student population. The open entry/open exit nature of noncredit combined with the fact that all MIS (Management Information Systems) data about noncredit is reported as Ungraded (UG) created a cloudy picture of student progress and success within and outside of the system. As a result in Fall 2010 a Taskforce was developed to pilot the use of noncredit progress indicators. The CCCCO (Chancellor’s Office) has allowed the noncredit institutions to submit data using various progress indicators which are collected in a file for the taskforce examination and then converted to UG for the official data submission process. A variety of large and small noncredit institutions in nearly every area of noncredit have participated in this research project. For more information, taskforce goals, training materials etc. click here.

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